Dave was born in Toronto, Ontario and moved to Bay Robert's, Newfoundland and Labrador when
he was 5 years old. He started playing guitar at age 7 and drums even before that. By the time he
was 10 years old he had written and recorded his first song playing the drums, bass, guitars and
doing lead and backing vocals. When he turned 12 years old he started playing bars with his
mothers favourite band "Black Magic".  Dave's mom and dad went to the liquor control board and
had to sign a permit in order for him to play.

Dave moved away from Bay Robert's when he was 15 years old and started playing with his brother
Greg in Toronto. They played all over Ontario and ended up moving to California to pursue their
music further. After many years of the road Dave returned home to Newfoundland to raise his
daughters. After some R & R, he joined a group called "The Fables", who toured  all over Canada
and won many Awards including "Entertainers OF The Year" at the 2001 East Coast Music Awards.

After a bad car accident, Dave once again had to stop touring as he injured his back. After many
Chiropractors, acupuncture..., he went to a massage therapist miracle worker named Celene
Murphy who he credits for nursing him "back" to health!

Around the same time Daves brother Greg moved home to Newfoundland and they started
working together and haven't stopped since.  Greg and Dave have released two CD's so far their
latest  titled FITZ "From The Beginning" which they recorded in Nashville, TN and at Daves studio.

Recently, Dave has produced  CD'S for, Rod Jackson, Ali Power, Andrew Callahan, Cyril Lidster,
Ronnie Razor,  Juanita Lidster, The Simms Trio and  a total of 3 D aNd A CD'S .

Dave has known Tom Christopher his whole life but never knew he was into writing until he just
approached him and asked what he thought of his words and If he could turn them into songs.
Dave wrote, recorded, engineered, mixed and mastered, played drums,, bass, electric and
acoustic guitars, keyboards, lead and backing vocals for the 12 songs in 10 days  and D aNd A was
Dave's History