Some of the latest projects Dave has work on are:
The Simms Trio (Bluegrass Gospel favourites)
Rod Jackson (Keep Love In Christmas)
Rod Jackson (Songs Of Inspiration)
Juanita Lidster (Some Other Time)
Fitz (From The Beginning)
DaNdA (Vault One)
DaNdA (Vault Two Christmas)
Ronnie Razor (Accordion Favourites)
Cyril Lidster (Slave Of The Sea)
Ali Power (Watch Me Go)
DaNdA (Yes Me Buddy)
Dave Fitzpatrick recorded his first original song at age 10, over-dubbing all the instruments
and vocals on a 4 track recorder. He now has over 75 albums with his name credited as a
producer, engineer or studio musician

Dave Engineers, Records, Arranges, Produces, Writes Songs, & Commercial Jingles, Mix &
Masters full production CD'S.
The studio has UNLIMITED TRACKS and FULL AUTOMATION, Flying Faders, Great Editing
& Mastering Suite and much, much more!
Dave also~Play drums, bass, keyboards, acoustic & electric guitars, mandolin, banjo,
harmonica and lead & backing vocals.
Dave also has access to a world class studio in Nashville, Tn with some of the worlds best studio
musicians, producers and engineers.
If you are a songwriter that would like to record a CD or even just a demo, get in touch with
Dave, he's the ONLY guy you'll need!
Tilted House Productions