Tom grew up in Mercer’s Cove in the town of Bay
Roberts, Newfoundland.  His parents and family moved to
Butlerville when he was in high school .  After finishing
high school he worked at various jobs such as fish plant
worker, working in vegetable gardens, the Coca-Cola
Distributors, also working on blueberry farms. Tom
realized there was not enough work for a steady income
so he moved to Toronto, Ontario.

While in Toronto he worked with his brother Lindy for 2
years and decided to leave and try again in Newfoundland.

Tom stayed home for 3 months and went back to Toronto
to work at his old job, knowing the company was closing
down. He knew he had to find other work.

On July 1st, 1990 he began working for Wrigley Canada
and worked there until November 8th 2007. Tom then
moved back to Newfoundland.

After 23 years away, He is once again living in Butlerville
Newfoundland and very happy to be home to stay.

Recently He started writing poems, his fiancée read them
and really liked them. She encouraged him to write down
all his thoughts, so he began writing. Tom decided to
approach his lifelong friend Dave Fitzpatrick who has
been a musician all of his life, to see what he thought. He
liked what he read, wrote the music and as they say the
rest is history.
Tom's History
Albert "TOM" Christopher